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About Us

Our Why: We empower healthcare organizations so they can improve patient care and save lives.

Our Belief: We believe in a future where empowered healthcare organizations are making a meaningful impact in their communities and leading the way for a healthier tomorrow.

Our How: We develop healthcare technology solutions combined with healthcare professional services to deliver our purpose.

Our Because: Because we are HCIS experts we’ve seen it all - we know how to instill best practices while still maintaining your unique identity.

At Interface People, IPeople, we know the importance of patient care, which is why we build patient minded software and services for the healthcare industry. That way care providers can focus on working more efficiently to improve the quality of patient care. After fifteen years, our foundation of uncompromising dedication to product reliability, service and support are still at our very core. We are committed to continually improving the quality and efficiency of our customers experience with their data.

In short, IPeople is healthcare expertise applied to literally save lives and improve the quality of patient care around the world.

Our Services


Bi-directional interface solutions to get any data to and from your HCIS System and your 3rd party vendors.

Workflow Automation

Custom workflows that streamline communication and automate routine tasks to efficiently manage daily work.

Vendor Integration

Break down data silos by integrating on-premises & cloud application and various data sources with your HCIS.

Report Writing

Expert NPR and M-AT Report writing outsourcing to free up your IT Resources


Script's intuitive wizards allow you to automate the script-writing process and eliminate the manual typing of data into your MEDITECH system.

Both technical and non-technical users will benefit from Script’s unique approach and flexible script-building features such as drill-down capabilities, auto-recovery, and alert notifications.

In addition, IPeople Script includes the ability to perform real-time queries against your MEDITECH system and other data sources.


Data continuity is a must even when systems are down. Without a well-planned strategy, patient care and the integrity of your hospital are both compromised.

Scheduled updates, technical issues, environmental disasters, and unplanned network downtime - any of these events can prevent access to your MEDITECH system.

Our Offline solution minimizes the disruptions associated with downtime and support your organization’s ability to deliver excellent care to those that matter most, your patients.


Create a customized data repository with Echo, a web-based data download manager and repository builder inspired and evolved over the years by the needs of our users.

Echo makes it easy for you to capture and store data useful for historical reporting that would otherwise be lost due to data purging.

Download data for trending analysis, or store data for disaster recovery preparedness. Create, schedule, and monitor custom downloads to Microsoft SQL Server without having to write a line of code!


Direct delivers a single point of connectivity to access all connected systems through ODBC, OLE DB, or ADO.NET for quick and simple, real-time reporting.

Not only do you have unobstructed access to all MEDITECH data, but our solution also includes our premier data exploration solution, Scout.

Explore your systems to identify table relationships, intelligent joins across tables and systems, and visualize database crosswalks.

With simplified access to information and intuitive tools for exploring your data, our customers see immediate return on their investment with increased database knowledge and time savings.