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Save resources by automating daily task

Ashland Community Hospital

Ashland Community Hospital has been serving the community of Rogue County, Oregon, since 1907. The 49-bed independent, non-profit organization has a focus on cutting-edge technology that empowers a patient-centered experience.

Before implementing IPeople Direct and Script, ACH had a scripting solution that staff felt was too time-consuming. IT Analyst Randy Romanoff recalls that error-handling was poor and said it required too many work hours to meet IT goals: “I spent more time fixing the problems it caused than I saved by using the product.”

ACH approached IPeople in search of a stress-free solution that could be utilized without draining IT resources. IPeople Direct and IPeople Script were identified as the perfect companions to ACH’s MEDITECH Client Server HIS. The solutions provided immediate return on investment.

ACH uses IPeople Direct for several custom-built utilities that require direct, open access to their MEDITECH data. In addition, the staff pulls raw data into reports without having to create NPR reports.

IPeople’s robust scripting solution also allows ACH to automate the uploading of data into MEDITECH and save the equivalent of one full-time employee. ACH now runs 60 scripts every night and finds the solution to be consistent, accurate, and dependable.

“These two products do the work effort of a whole staff person, especially IPeople Script. To me, there is no other choice in a scripting solution. I love the IPeople software. I can always trust my scripts to run without babysitting them. It’s just fire and forget.”

– Randy Romanoff, Ashland Community Hospital

"I love the IPeople software. I can always trust my scripts to run without babysitting them. It’s just fire and forget."

-Randy Romanoff, Asante Ashland Community Hospital


Case Study Breakdown for Scripting Solutions


  • Automating workflow and improving IT efficiency

    • IPeople Direct with direct, open access to Meditech via ODBC driver
    • IPeople Script


    • Saved money by automating the running of 60 scripts every night with IPeople Script
    • The report writing process was streamlined, thanks to IPeople Direct

    Access to MEDITECH data has customarily been limited to what is available via the NPR or M-AT report writing solutions or in the MEDITECH DR. IPeople Connect provides direct, real-time access to all of your MEDITECH data for use with any ODBC, OLE DB or ADO.NET tools. Access your MEDITECH data using more universally known applications, such as Microsoft Excel or Crystal Reports, for easier querying, report writing, and extraction processes.

    The rule is simple. No writing directly to MEDITECH’s tables. The question is how to populate data into MEDITECH in an accurate, easy, and cost effective manner. Create scripts to populate any MEDITECH screen in support of your data entry needs. Choose from a selection of technical and non-technical scripting methods: intuitive wizards, script objects, global routines, scheduling, and the ability to query MEDITECH real-time in support of your scripts. Developed by experts with firsthand MEDITECH knowledge.