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IPeople Downtime Solutions

Lower the clinical risks and financial overhead
associated with downtime procedures

DCH Health Systems

It goes without saying that reliable data is vital to the delivery of quality healthcare. Access to critical patient data -- test results, drug allergies, treatment history, and prescriptions -- allows medical professionals to administer care and make potentially life-saving decisions. When seconds count, hospital staff needs to be able to count on their data.

So what happens when access to data is interrupted? With today’s Electronic Medical Records (EMRs) stored in a healthcare information system (HCIS) database, such as MEDITECH, disaster recovery planning is a necessity. In fact, with the latest version of MEDITECH, monthly scheduled maintenance downtime can last for several hours.

Data Continuity provides reliable data access at all times to ensure continuous patient care during planned or unplanned downtime, scheduled maintenance, data migration or a network outage.

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“We saw an immediate positive impact where a manual process that averaged 21 hours was reduced to about an hour, with full auditing and reporting automatically produced in the end.”

-Kim J Ligon         


Case Study Breakdown for Downtime Solutions


  • Dependent on a manual process for the recovery and entry of admissions information into MEDITECH after an HCIS downtime
  • Easy access to critical patient data, such as visit history, allergies, nursing interventions, orders and results, scheduled appointments and home medications

  • IPeople Offline with web-based views of critical patient data and downtime registration allowing capturing of essential addmission information

    • Reduction in the risk of generating duplicate Medical Record Numbers
    • Manual process that averaged 21 hours was reduced to about an hour
    • Full auditing and reporting
    • No workflow disruptions due to downtime
    • Elimination of the need for NPR reports
    • Patient safety is not compromised

    The IPeople Offline Web Views eliminates the need for paper charts or aged printed reports. Your staff will have intuitive web-based front-end views of patient visit history, allergies, nursing interventions, orders and results, scheduled appointments, home medications and much more. Look to IPeople Web Views to ensure continuous quality care for patients and allow your team to work with a sense of reassurance.

    Patients still arrive and expect to be treated, regardless of the status of your MEDITECH system. IPeople Offline Downtime Registration allows your team to safely admit, discharge and transfer patients while maintaining the integrity of the registration process. Your downtime recovery period is also minimized by eliminating the labor-intensive task of manual data entry of Admissions data once MEDITECH is back online.