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IPeople Downtime SolutionsHoly-Family-Memorial

Plan ahead for system downtime
to maintain workflow and patient safety

Holy Family Memorial

Holy Family Memorial is a comprehensive health care network with a 167-bed inpatient facility and 213 ambulatory physician offices, and is the recognized leader and largest provider of health care services in Manitowoc County, Wisconsin. The health network leverages its use of technology to deliver superior care and was recently named a “Most Wired” rural hospital in recognition of its excellence in IT adoption.

The providers and staff at Holy Family relied heavily on its MEDITECH Magic electronic medical record system to support its patient care process and worried that any planned downtime for system upgrades would disrupt workflows and put patient safety at risk. The organization recognized that a backup solution was needed. According to Holy Family Information Security Analyst Jim Sehloff: “Since virtually all our records are electronic, it is absolutely not acceptable to have extended downtime.”

After a thorough search of business continuity solutions, Holy Family selected IPeople Offline. “We compared the solutions available for MEDITECH customers and decided that we liked the look and expandability of IPeople Offline,” explained Sehloff. Holy Family Memorial implemented IPeople Offline and created easily customized and expandable clinical views that can modified as downtime needs grow. Now, when there’s planned downtime, workflows are kept intact and patient safety risks are minimized because administrative and clinical staff have web-based access to critical patient information.

“The benefit of Offline is that it just works. It is there when you need it and does not get in the way when you do not. Anyone who can use a browser and knows their Meditech password can figure out how to use it with no training. Before offline, downtime meant that any prior records that were needed would have to be retrieved from paper copies if they were available. That meant someone had to be available to run to medical records. That just does not work in a hospital that is basically all electronic.”
– Jim Sehloff, Holy Family Memorial

“Since virtually all our records are electronic, it is absolutely not acceptable to have extended downtime.”

-Jim Sehloff, Holy Family Memorial         


Case Study Breakdown for Downtime Solutions


  • Managing workflow and patient safety during a planned downtime

  • IPeople Offline with web-based views of critical patient data

    • No workflow disruptions due to downtime
    • Eliminates need for NPR reports
    • Patient safety is not compromised

    When a your HCIS system goes down, you rely on paper-based maintenance and have to reprint whenever there is an update. This unsecure method creates delays in treatment and leaves you with no way to audit what occurred during your downtime. Getting access to patient critical data is one thing, but being able to view it in a way that is going to be effective is another. The IPeople Offline solution is designed to eliminate the need for paper charts or aged NPR Reports. With our web-based views, your staff will have intuitive views of MAR, patient visit history, allergies, nursing, orders and results, appointments, medications and more. Do not be blindsided by downtimes, look to IPeople Offline to ensure continuous quality care.