IPeople Leadership Team

You can ensure your IPeople project is in good hands with a team that leads by example, encourages Innovative ways to better patient care, and has an inspiring vision for IPeople's future. IPeople's core values are instilled in every employee, motivating them to Own It! Work It! and Embrace It!

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Jenny Blue – CEO, Co-founder,
and Board of Directors

Jenny BlueJenny Blue is co-founder and CEO of Interface People, LP and Consultant People, LP, which operate in a total of 48 US States, England, Ireland, Canada, and South Africa. In her role, Ms. Blue provides leadership and vision to the company with the ultimate goal of improving patient care through technology. With over 22 years of experience in the programming and healthcare industries, her strong background provides solid direction to all departments, and sets the pace for outstanding innovation as IPeople continues to address the growing challenges and objectives in healthcare. Since the inception of the company under Ms. Blue’s leadership, IPeople has achieved 8 consecutive years of steady customer and financial growth, expanded the co-founders’ vision into two companies, and established IPeople as a staple in the MEDITECH community. Jenny holds a Bachelor degree in both Computer Science and Mathematics from Texas Christian University. If you catch her in her spare time, you might find Jenny perfecting the art of tap dancing or spending time with her husband and two boys.

Life philosophy: Dance like nobody's watching!

Gary Armfield – Co-founder and Board of Directors

Gary ArmfieldGary has worked in the MEDITECH industry the majority of his professional career. His extensive knowledge of MEDITECH’s architecture and data structures, in combination with that of SQL Server, Visual Basic, Visual C++, messaging protocols and TCP/IP has provided the MEDITECH community with turnkey solutions for better data management for MEDITECH sites. Among his many accomplishments, Gary has successfully overseen the development of IPeople Direct -ODBC for MEDITECH, IPeople Echo- web based data repository builder, windows-based and Magic-based application, interface systems including a GUI based hierarchal data interface engine, enterprise-wide data warehousing system, master patient index system, and HL7 client/server interfaces.

Favorite technology: The IPeople Data Engine.

Stephen Jones – Vice President of Operations

Stephen JonesHaving joined IPeople in 2007, Stephen brings expertise in interface development and implementation, report writing, and management of various custom HIS projects. Stephen has over 15 years experience with MEIDTECH products, including 10 years in a hospital I.T as a system analyst, financial report writer, and network manager. Furthermore, Stephen has extensive experience implementing various MEDITECH modules, NMI interfaces, custom interfaces, MEDITECH upgrades, scripts, BAR outsourcing solutions, user security and more. Stephen’s can do attitude makes him an asset to both customers and team members.

Life philosophy : Have FUN and CELEBRATE life every day.

John Shipman – Vice President of Technology

John ShipmanJohn is responsible for the development of technology for all IPeople software and services and overseeing the design, implementation, and support. Managing a team of technical geniuses, John’s can-do attitude makes him an asset to both customers and team members. With his strategic vision for IPeople products and solutions along with a strong MEDITECH background, John has advanced the IPeople positioning to be the lead integration provider for the 6.x platform. His expertise includes interface development and implementation, report writing, Magic programming, and management of various custom HIS projects. John has over 17 years experience with MEDITECH products, including 12 years in hospital I.T. as a systems analyst, financial report writer, and network manager. Furthermore, John has extensive experience implementing various MEDITECH modules, NMI interfaces, custom interfaces, MEDITECH  upgrades, scripts, BAR outsourcing solutions, Lab analyzers, custom Pharmacy MAR’s, user security, and more.

The Best Things in Life Are: Sushi, Dallas Star's hockey, and live music by that band no one has heard of...

Henri Du Plessis – Director of Development and Technology

Henri Du PlessisHaving joined the IPeople team in 2004, Henri brings expertise in application design, business analytics, and functional architectural analysis. As Director of Development, his main responsibilities are to oversee complex interdisciplinary development projects. In overseeing the Business Intelligence group, Henri has lead IPeople to be one of the market leaders in business analytics. Henri is backed by his extensive experience in healthcare information systems and many development platforms. He has over 16 years of experience working in the medical software environment and has assisted in the implementation of numerous MEDITECH modules. Prior to joining Interface People, Henri worked with another MEDITECH vendor where he was responsible for development and support of an EMR solution based off of the data repository.

Life philosophy: A single straw of a broom can be broken easily, but the straws together are not easily broken.

Chris Loupé – Director of Human Resources

Chris LoupeChris Loupé has been an integral part of the IPeople organization since 2005. Before joining IPeople, Chris earned an MBA from LeTourneau University and spent over 7 years in the telecommunications industry supporting call center technical operations. After joining IPeople, he spent 2 years as a project manager coordinating implementation projects for new clients as well as liaising between the implementation team and clients. Chris now manages all daily business operations, legal, administration, human resources, and facility management. Chris’ hard work is key to IPeople’s success and he keeps the company running like a well oiled machine.

The Best things in Life Are: A good steak, barbequing, and cycling in the Texas countryside.

Udaya Amaradasa – Scrum Manager

Having joined IPeople in 2006, Udaya has played a key role in the development of a majority of the IPeople products. Udaya has over 20 years of experience gathered in three different parts of the world in the capacity of developer, software designer, and consultant. Prior to joining IPeople, Udaya developed solutions utilizing Microsoft technologies for the healthcare, mortgage, retail, and accounting industries. Besides healthcare applications, his development interests include application security and proactive systems monitoring. Udaya is a graduate of the University of North Texas having earned his bachelors and masters degrees in Business Computer Information Systems.

Development philosophy: Build incrementally, keeping it simple, scalable, and maintainable.

Brian Carter – Development Manager of Business Solutions

Brian CarterBrian brings over 17 years of experience in the software development industry to the IPeople team. He joined the team in 2009, and was quickly promoted to the Manager of Application Development. Recognized for his brilliance in programming, he oversees the products and solutions development as well as enhancements to the existing IPeople suite. His 10 years of experience managing the full development lifecycle of products in finance, billing, collections, medical, tax, account management, project management, and production management provide strategic value to the company. He has also had extensive exposure to cutting edge technologies throughout his career.

Favorite technology: Ubiquitous internet access

Peter Rangel – Accounting Manager

Peter has more than 20 years of advanced accounting experience and has recently worked in Healthcare, Oil & Gas and Retail industries. Peter joined IPeople in 2013 and is a lead by example type of manager. As IPeople's Accounting Manager Peter utilizes all the latest technologies and software available for accounting purposes. Peter is a perfectionist when it comes to Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable, he ensures that the numbers match every time with his attention to detail. Peter has a BBA in accounting from the University of Texas and is a certified public accountant licensed by the state of Texas.

Life philosophy: Never put off till tomorrow what you can do today!