Data Access
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Break down barriers to accessing your data!  What could you accomplish if you were provided with a single point of entry for all of your separate data systems? IPeople provides bi-directional connectivity to all of your systems, minimizing waste and frustration.

IPeople Connect Suite

Quality healthcare requires real-time access to critical and informative data. IPeople’s Connect suite offers everything needed to keep data at your fingertips.

● Directly access data across multiple systems such as Epic,
   MEDITECH, and your data repository through common technologies
● Automate data entry and work-flow
● Power dashboards, applications, reports and portals with real-time
● Explore your tables and fields in new ways and visualize relationships
● Fill in your data repository gaps

IPeople Select DR

Don’t have time to build your own data repository?  Need gaps filled with your existing DR?  Take advantage of pre-packaged data repository downloads that will set you on the right path. Have confidence knowing your data repository was built using best practices and tuned to be as efficient as possible.

● Pre-packaged extractions from your HCIS system to Microsoft SQL
   Server, designed to fit unique needs, big or small!
● We know the data so rest assured that you will have what you need
   and when you need it
● Historical data is available at all times… even once purged from
   your main system
● Explore your tables and fields in new ways and visualize relationships


"IPeople Direct is a great product! One of our main benefits is the integration with SQL Server Integration Services. Using IPeople Direct's OLE DB driver, we can download many different sets of data simultaneously across our system at all times throughout the day. We usually average 100+ queries running at any given time during the day. Also, the support staff is great to help us with complex queries. It really is a great product."

-Brandon Tolleson, Arkansas Children's