Data Exchange

Putting patients at risk by not having ready-access to patient critical data is not an option. Hospitals need stable integration solutions that ensure the sharing of data across various systems with a seamless workflow. Our expertise takes us to the next level of building reliable and efficient bi-directional integration solutions that organizations can trust. Through best practices and smarter, intuitive technology, we get to any data and ensure that we cover all your needs within a single vendor solution.


Integration and process automation both serve as a strong basis for the delivery of quality patient care. IPeople has earned a solid reputation for providing robust and reputable HL7, XML, and custom interface solutions to the healthcare community. Our integration experts will work with you and your teams to ensure the critical details of your project are addressed in a proactive manner.

Workflow Automation

Working with your HCIS system in a process that requires jumping to other applications can be inefficient overall. The dynamic, interactive solution is the launch point for limitless workflow improvements. With IPeople, streamline workflow so that users work within one solution and enjoy the benefits of uninterrupted integration.

Vendor Integration

Hospitals are seeing an increase in the sharing of patient data across various systems. Whether the need is HL7 integration, 3rd party application launching, process automation, or data extraction, with our team of integration professionals at your side, your integration projects are developed with the highest quality in the industry, on time, and within budget.

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"Yes, IPeople did help us reach our deadline for the ICD10 project and I would definitely recommend them to others for assistance with any kind of interface or automation."

-Tim Rogers, Formerly with Children's Richmond