IPeople Echo

Extract HCIS data to Microsoft SQL Server

Create a customized data repository with IPeople Echo’s web-based data download manager and repository builder. IPeople Echo makes it easy for you to capture and store data useful for historical reporting that would otherwise be lost due to data purging; download data for trending analysis; and store data for disaster recovery preparedness. Create, schedule, and monitor custom downloads to Microsoft SQL Server without having to write a line of code!

The Challenges

● Purged data results in the loss of visibility and historical activity
● Not all of the data you need is in your HCIS DR
● In the today’s world you need control over your data

How We Can Help

✔ Archive and manage your own data extractions
✔ Fill gaps in your existing DR
✔ Intelligent auto-recovery ensures that the data need is always
✔ Increase organization confidence in your archived data

How You Will Succeed

✔ Avoid unnecessary frustrations knowing you have control over the data you need
✔ Rest easy knowing that the data is accurate… IPeople Echo provides a DR solution you can trust
✔ No need for costly interfaces

IPeople Echo 4.0 (Available Now)

Enjoy the new look and feel as well as full support for additional HCIS systems including MEDITECH 6.1 and Epic. Enhancements include:

  • New look and feel for improved user interaction
  • Tremendous performance improvements and enhanced auto-recovery
  • Additional support for creating data extractions for additional HCIS systems, including Epic and MEDITECH 6.1
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"IPeople is great. We are the most popular group in the organization because we have the right tool with IPeople Echo. People don’t always trust the data they receive from the MT DR, but IPeople Echo is trusted and we have access to tables that they (other depts.) don’t have access to. It’s a great tool."

-Jay O’Donnell, Island Health