IPeople Scout

Connect any system and find your data

So you’ve got lots of data – and it’s in disparate systems. Typically, you use search techniques such as trial-and-error, reviewing old code, or searching the internet. At some point, you need to find the data and get to work. With IPeople Scout, explore your data to identify table relationships, intelligent joins across tables and systems, and visualize database crosswalks. Additionally, IPeople Scout offers powerful comparison, query, report, and export features. Enjoy newfound efficiency, discover the hidden gems in your data, and go home earlier.

The Challenges

● You are hoping to write reports off of your DR and don’t understand
   the relationship to the HCIS system
● You are new to the system and unfamiliar with its data hierarchy, table
   locations, and naming conventions
● You need to write a quick report querying multiple systems
● Security is a top concern

How We Can Help

✔ Compare systems to easily understand where data resides in one
   versus another
✔ Access multiple HCIS systems including your data repositories
✔ Save time with a single point of access for exploring all connected
✔ Set security and permissions down to the column level

How You Will Succeed

✔ The efficiency boost created provides an immediate ROI of time savings and increased database knowledge
✔ Reduce frustrations by quickly finding the tables and fields that you need for reporting purposes
✔ Have confidence that you have the right table or field through the powerful preview feature
✔ Generate reports effortlessly across multiple systems, saving tremendous amounts of time

IPeople Scout 7.3 (Available Now)

Search. Find. Explore… understanding your systems has never been easier!

The IPeople Scout 7.3 version focuses on enhancing your ability to search, find, and explore your systems effortlessly.
Features and enhancements include:

● Ability to explore your data, meta-data, and more
● Compare your MEDITECH system to your MEDITECH DR in order to quickly and effortlessly find the information you need in either
● View 'Smart Joins' to ensure you get the most efficient joining of tables while preventing bad joins from needlessly taxing your system's resource
● Export and distribute data

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"People Scout has dramatically reduced the time and effort spent to create reports and mine data. The added functionality of smart joins across multiple Meditech tables has been a life saver. I no longer have to dig through documentation, or use trial and error to ensure I have the correct linked fields for multiple tables. The different type of export formats has also saved time. I am now able to export via excel, pdf, txt, or csv without having to go through the hassle of bringing multiple file types across multiple programs. The ease of use has also translated into being able to train additional users to write simple reports without having to burden the IS department. IPeople Scout has helped our facilities leverage Meditech data in a quicker more user friendly manner."

-Drew Johnson, Formerly with Clearwater Valley Hospital