Reliable, trust-worthy bi-directional integration

Our HCIS expertise takes us to the next level of building reliable and efficient bi-directional interfaces that organizations can trust. For over a decade IPeople has earned a solid reputation for providing robust and reliable or custom interface solutions to the healthcare community. Through best practices and smarter, intuitive technology, we get to any data and ensure that your interfaces cover all your needs within a single vendor solution.

Outbound Integration
from your HCIS

Our dependable outbound interfaces query the HCIS system directly and transmit data to the destination system based on specified formats, including HL7, XML, JSON, proprietary formats, and other industry protocols such as FHIR.

Inbound Integration
to your HCIS

At IPeople, we upload every workflow through our dependable scripting solution to ensure that your organization is not breaking any rules regarding your HCIS maintenance.

Custom Integration
from your HCIS

We understand that a standard interface may not integrate with 3rd party systems. We offer custom interfaces to meet all needs even if your vendor says it is impossible.

Guaranteed Up-time
from your HCIS

IPeople interfaces include monitoring and notifications so that the IPeople staff is notified anytime a possible issue arises. We have 24x7 support ready to help in any way to ensure that the interfaces are always running! Our interfaces also include auto-recovery and auditing of every step ensuring that all data is sent.

The Challenges

● Patient care needs your interface to be up, all of the time, with the
   confidence that activity is never missed
● Sharing data between your HCIS and 3rd Party systems can result
   in excessive and inefficient manual input
● Struggling with outdated information can create patient safety
   and/ or billing issues
● HCIS vendors and other 3rd party vendors can be costly and
   have a long delivery timeframe

How We Can Help

✔ Interfaces include monitoring, auditing, notifications, and
    auto recovery
✔ Custom integration providing data sharing, communication, and
    enhanced workflow
✔ Automated connection between HCIS systems and 3rd party
    systems ensures up to date information

How You Will Succeed

✔ Interface solutions are delivered in a timely manner and within budget ensuring that you meet your goals while saving money
✔ Sleep peacefully knowing that your interfaces are up and running
✔ With best practices always in place, you can have confidence that activity is never missed

Request More Information

"In 2014, our management at Newman Regional Health made the decision to convert the rural hospital to a Critical Access Hospital (CAH), allowing us to receive cost-based reimbursements instead of standard fixed reimbursements. The move was intended to enhance our financial performance, as well as provide extra focus on providing care for common conditions and outpatient care. Errors were not an option in this transition, since we were in financial crisis mode to begin with at that time. Therefore, we turned to IPeople for help in developing a custom data interface with a management dashboard to connect to MEDITECH."

-Beth Cole, Newman Regional Health