Quest Report Writer Retainer

Delivering interactive and graphical reports

The IPeople Quest Report Writing Retainer provides an enterprise wide report writing service to help you meet the ongoing demands for prompt and accurate reporting throughout your organization. Utilizing our IPeople Quest technology, our team can effortlessly access information from any of your systems and provide rich and interactive reports in a fraction of the time and a fraction of the cost. You don’t pay for the technology, but you will secure its rewards in just a few days.

Let us become an extension of your staff to deliver reports and views quickly that meet the needs of your end users. Provide multiple distribution options to satisfy the various needs of your report customers.


The Challenges

● Presenting large amounts of data in a useable format for
● Reporting across multiple systems in a single view
● Distribution of vital reports takes many resources

How We Can Help

✔ Powerful integration to access data from multiple systems and
    present in one view
✔ Customized reports giving end users more flexibility and
    interaction with their data
✔ Multiple distribution and scheduling ensuring your reports are
    delivered successfully

How You Will Succeed

✔ Allocate in-house resources for more pressing projects
✔ Distribute your reports automatically saving both time and hunting
✔ Present data in ways that work for the recipient

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"Thanks to IPeople, we are no longer writing any NPR Reports! IPeople is exceptional! Our IPeople Quest reports have helped reduce the amount of time and effort spent in MEDITECH NPR. The ability to deliver these reports in different ways has been one of the biggest values. End users are able to logon to their customized web view, explore their reports and export to Excel. The overall experience has been exceptional."

-Drew Johnson, St. Mary's/Clearwater Valley Hospital