Select DR

Pre-Packaged data extractions

Don’t have time to build your own data repository?  Need gaps filled with your existing DR?  Take advantage of pre-packaged data repository downloads that will set you on the right path. Have confidence knowing your data repository was built using best practices and tuned to be as efficient as possible.

The Challenges

● Data extractions from your HCIS systems are needed for
   integration and/or reporting
● You know what data you need but not where the data resides
   or what is the best way to get the data out of the HCIS
● Data purges have you concerned you are missing something

How We Can Help

✔ Pre-packaged extractions from your HCIS system to
    Microsoft SQL Server, designed to fit unique needs,
    big or small
✔ We know the data so rest assured that you will have what you
    need and when you need its
✔ Historical data is available at all times… even once purged
    from your main system

How You Will Succeed

✔ Save time and resources, let IPeople take care of your data extraction needs
✔ Rest easy knowing your data is available when you need it and always easily accessible
✔ Don’t feel trapped… IPeople’s Select DR can be tailored to meet your unique and custom needs

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"Yes we would recommend IPeople. Without it we would not be able to support data to our BI Tool software. The biggest issue we have at our facility is that we don’t have someone with SQL background supporting IPeople. This lack of knowledge makes it hard to understand the linkages between tables and how to build those links in order for downloads of data from Meditech to function properly and efficiently. "

-Julie Oliverl, Brant Community Healthcare System