Remote DBA

Leverage collective insight with our remote DBA service

Why is a Remote DBA Solution important? When a hospital has an outbreak of an infectious disease or a biohazard infiltrate it doors then it all but shuts down and is not effective at assisting patients with their healthcare needs. When the HCIS system fails, your organization can become sluggish and unproductive. In comparison, both of these entities must have patient care uninterrupted and informative data flowing freely. For hospitals, maintaining a flexible and uninterrupted flow of data it is crucial to the ongoing quality of care patients receive.

IPeople Remote DBA is a solution that can assist in a variety of ways, ensuring the success of your data repository and providing routine check-ups for your servers. Our professionals come from many different technical and healthcare backgrounds and possess a wide range of expertise. This knowledge includes all aspects of SQL Server, combined with an in-depth appreciation of your HCIS and DR structures. Leveraging this collective insight will allow you to focus on other tasks with the comfort of knowing IPeople is lending an experienced hand.

Why Hire a Remote DBA?

IPeople offers Remote Database Administrator (DBA) services to sites that are otherwise unable to secure a DBA. We have over 30 years of IT experience.

The Challenges

● Maintaining the health of SQL Servers is vital to operations
● It is difficult to find and retain resources with extensive
   HCIS and SQL Server knowledge
● Historical reporting is necessary but can be sluggish

How We Can Help

✔ Routine check-ups
✔ Leverage our team of professionals in all aspects of SQL Server
    and HCIS systems
✔ Your IPeople team will maintain, monitor, and optimize
    performance of your SQL databases

How You Will Succeed

✔ Secure experienced Remote Database Administrators (DBAs) that are otherwise hard to find and not financially obtainable
✔ Rest easy knowing that your SQL Servers are in good hands
✔ With new found performance, save time and money

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"The IPeople team has consistently demonstrated a very high standard when it comes to supporting your customers but in my opinion this deserves special mention. While we’ve been very happy with our experience dealing with your team, Drew in particular has been a fantastic resource as we continue to move forward with iPeople. He’s shown a great deal of patience as we slugged through the learning curve and has been extremely easy to work with. Thanks for providing a great service and having a great team back it."

-David Rothbauer, Huron Perth Healthcare Alliance