Solutions: Operational Continuance


The Hurdle

With increased healthcare IT adoption, operational continuance has become more crucial than ever. Whether it’s for natural disasters or epidemics, expected/unexpected downtime or cybersecurity threats, healthcare organizations must plan for service interruptions to protect business operations and their patients.

Leveraging decades of experience helping thousands of healthcare organizations, we pair expert guidance with world class solutions to simplify preparation and ensure no disruptions of your critical operations.

How can we help?

IPeople can help you with all stages of emergency operational continuance: mitigation, preparedness, response and recovery. Based on customer insights, our best in class and flexible downtime solution, IPeople Offline, can ensure that hospitals are able to continue to make critical healthcare decisions whether or not their EHR system is accessible.

Combine the product with professional services to create a strategy that minimizes the disruptiveness of EHR downtime altogether.

Our valued customers have confidence that their patients, staff and revenue are protected, without needless distruptions from their core business.


How are we different from everyone else?

  • Discrete data based
  • Dynamic reports, not pre-formatted, pre-printed reports.
  • No reliance on NPR or M-AT Reports
  • Refreshed data pulled, not pushed
  • The ONLY Downtime Registration solution in the market
  • Solutions for MEDITECH system down, or Network Down
  • On-premise OR cloud options available

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