Interface People, LP (IPEOPLE) was founded in 2002 by Jenny Blue and Gary Armfield with a vision of providing a new era of expertise to enhance the way sites interact with their HCIS. Today, IPeople continues to stay at the forefront of the healthcare technology sector, offering Services and Solutions for all user levels with diverse business needs.

Our office is located in the Dallas, TX area where all development, support, and general business is centralized in order to provide streamlined communications and services to our customers. We are committed to providing the healthcare industry with tools to promote increased work efficiencies, while providing layers of flexibility in our products to assist both the technical and non-technical users alike.


Culture of Customer Delight 

At IPeople our mission is to build innovative software and services for the healthcare industry, so that care providers can focus on working more efficiently to improve the quality of patient care. We work with determination, resilience, and respect, striving to always delight our customers. From initial consultation to project implementation and beyond, you can trust that our team will:

Own It!, Work It!, and Embrace It!

Solid Expertise

IPeople is healthcare expertise applied. We are committed to continually improving the quality and efficiency of your experience with your data. Our expertise include:

  • Magic and M-AT programming
  • NPR, M-AT, DR, and Epic report writing
  • Bi-directional integration strategies and consulting
  • Work-flow and process automation
  • SQL development and database administration