IPeople Press Releases:

● 08/26/2019

IPeople and Access Announce Strategic Partnership

● 02/27/2019

Interface People Hires Buddy Bergeron as Senior Business Consultant

● 01/21/2019

Interface People and Wellsoft Announce Strategic Partnership

● 08/31/2018

Interface People Eases Acquisition Worries with an Incentive Offer

●  07/19/2018

Interface People and Plexus Expand their Medication Management Technology

●  12/11/2017

Interface People and Novaseek Announce Partnership

●  3/7/2017

IPeople and Bridge-Tech Medical Join Forces to Bridge the Gap Between Medical Devices and Your HCIS System

● 7/19/2016

IPeople Promotes Stephen Jones to Vice President of Operations

● 2/15/2016

IPeople Promotes Chris Loupe to Director of Human Resources

New Solution Releases:

IPeople is dedicated to providing world-class data services and solutions to our customers. We perpetually strive to bring value to your hospital in everything we do, with an end goal of improving processes, access to data, and the quality of care for your patients. Below are the new releases for our solutions:

IPeople Direct 8.2.3

This isn’t just for MEDITECH anymore!
The IPeople Direct 8.2.3 version focuses on providing the ability to query multiple systems together and includes many feature enhancements. Enhancements include:

  • Includes tremendous performance improvements, enhanced reliability, and fault tolerance
  • You now have the ability to query other systems, including Epic, along with MEDITECH in order to use ONE driver across the continuum of care
  • New support querying MEDITECH 6.1

IPeople Scout 7.5

Search. Find. Explore… understanding your systems has never been easier! The IPeople Scout 7.5 version focuses on enhancing your ability to search, find, and explore your systems effortlessly. Features and enhancements include:

  • Ability to explore your data, meta-data, and more
  • Compare your MEDITECH system to your MEDITECH DR in order to quickly and effortlessly find the information you need in either
  • View ‘Smart Joins’ to ensure you get the most efficient joining of tables while preventing bad joins from needlessly taxing your system’s resources
  • Create reports and grids quickly while combining data across tables, applications, and even systems
  • Export and distribute data

IPeople Script 6.2

Full support for MEDITECH 6.1!
The IPeople Script 6.2 version has been enhanced with full support for MEDITECH 6.1. Enhancements include:

  • Enhanced functionality for reading and interacting with your HCIS system
  • Tremendous performance enhancements
  • Full support for MEDITECH 6.1

IPeople Echo 4.6.2

A Whole New Look and Feel!
Enjoy the new look and feel as well as full support for additional HCIS systems including MEDITECH 6.1 and Epic. Enhancements include:

  • New look and feel for improved user interaction
  • Tremendous performance improvements and enhanced auto-recovery
  • Additional support for creating data extractions for additional HCIS systems, including Epic and MEDITECH 6.1

IPeople Offline 2.5

Merge your downtime and migration strategies seamlessly!
IPeople’s next release of IPeople Offline takes organizations to the next level by offering more power to help merge your downtime and migration solutions… all in one solution. Enhancements include:

    View critical patient data from multiple HCIS and other systems through one solution

    Access legacy data for older visits and access your current HCIS data for newer visits to create one powerful solution addressing both your downtime and migration needs