Customer Testimonials

“With IPeople Offline, we are not only better off but we are doubling down on our investment with iPeople. Previously, we could not offer the reassurance and support to our clinicians (or PFS) without IPeople Offline. The Offline solutions are essential to operational continuity so staff do not have to ‘fly blind.’ We have experienced more than great customer service with IPeople. It’s a passionate commitment to service and excellence that really shines through because of the people. We have seen a tangible difference to how we are able to confidently deliver information services and solutions to our patients and staff which are near and dear to our hearts.”
-Audrey Parks, Salinas Valley Memorial Healthcare System

“IPeople is great. We are the most popular group in the organization because we have the right tool with IPeople Echo. People don’t always trust the data they receive from the MT DR, but IPeople Echo is trusted and we have access to tables that they (other depts.) don’t have access to. It’s a great tool.”
-Jay O’Donnell, Island Health

“I wanted to reach out and thank you and your awesome team for assisting us with some of our challenges. I really do appreciate your commitment to HSN. IPEOPLE solutions continue to be the cornerstone of our most important development work including Business Intelligence and Integrated Patience Care systems. Thank you for your support.“
-Noel Devost, Health Sciences North Hospital (Sudbury)

“IPeople Direct is a great product! One of our main benefits is the integration with SQL Server Integration Services. Using IPeople Direct’s OLE DB driver, we can download many different sets of data simultaneously across our system at all times throughout the day. We usually average 100+ queries running at any given time during the day. Also, the support staff is great to help us with complex queries. It really is a great product.”
-Brandon Tolleson, Arkansas Children’s

“We were in need of a way to quickly migrate our inpatient’s orders, nursing interventions and medications from an old account to a new re-admit account. Our facility is a bit unique as we do not have Meditech’s long term care product. We are using ADM inpatient accounts which are more acute based. Once discharged, the orders, nursing interventions and medications are d/c’d. Our patients have a large number of these items. On average 125-150 orders, 40-50 nursing interventions and 30-40 medications and the process was taking on average of about 2-3 hours per patient with the rate of 1-3 patients per week. Our average census is 40 patients. We needed some sort of automation to help alleviate the manual input process. IPeople stepped in to provide the script to help move the information over for us. The major goal was to help us meet the ICD10 deadline of October 1st, 2015. It allowed us to discharge all 40 of our patient’s at once and populate all the accounts in one session to avoid dual coding those accounts for long periods of time. IPeople helped us reach our deadline for the ICD10 project and I would definitely recommend you to others for assistance with any kind of interface or automation.“
-Timothy M. Rogers, Children’s Hospital of Richmond at VCU

“You have to try these guys out! Nothing but exceptional, professional products and services. I had Interface People come onsite to train my IT staff on NPR report writing. It was absolutely wonderful. The instructor was an NPR wizard.”
-Regis Thornton, Ashland Community Hospital

"IPeople Offline Downtime Registration allows us to easily capture essential admissions information real-time even though we are ‘down’. When MEDITECH is back online, the system is intelligent enough to quickly and accurately load the information back into our EMR. The reduction in the risk of generating duplicate Medical Record Numbers is just one of the many advantages that the IPeople Offline has given DCH. We saw an immediate positive impact where a manual process that averaged 21 hours was reduced to about an hour, with full auditing and reporting automatically produced in the end. For my team, IPeople Offline Downtime Registration is an absolute game changer."
- Kim J Ligon, DCH Health System

“The migration of our historical data was a seamless process and went smoother than ever expected. IPeople has been a key player in the migration from MEDITECH to the network’s Epic HCIS. The IPeople team was well organized, very knowledgeable, and provided a thoroughly audited conversion process. Having the confidence in the data was essential for our team and IPeople delivered on that repeatedly.”
-Kevin Durland, Asante Ashland Community Hospital

“Here at Union Hospital, we have come to rely heavily on IPeople Offline Web Views during our MEDITECH downtimes to provide our users the medical records of our active patients. Our physicians have commented that the product is very intuitive and easy to use, and it gives them the information they need to continue to care for patients when MEDITECH isn’t available. The more our physicians use the EMR, the more invaluable IPeople Offline Web Views becomes.”
- Lorna Espinas, Union Hospital

“The benefit of Offline is that it just works. It is there when you need it and does not get in the way when you do not. Anyone who can use a browser and knows their Meditech password can figure out how to use it with no training. Before offline, downtime meant that any prior records that were needed would have to be retrieved from paper copies if they were available. That meant someone had to be available to run to medical records. That just does not work in a hospital that is basically all electronic.”
- Jim Sehloff, Holy Family Memorial

“It was a no brainer. IPeople was the only vendor that could do everything we wanted. We would have had to work with 2 or 3 vendors otherwise.”
-Romanoff, Randy, Asante Ashland Community Hospital

“People Scout has dramatically reduced the time and effort spent to create reports and mine data. The added functionality of smart joins across multiple Meditech tables has been a life saver. I no longer have to dig through documentation, or use trial and error to ensure I have the correct linked fields for multiple tables. The different type of export formats has also saved time. I am now able to export via excel, pdf, txt, or csv without having to go through the hassle of bringing multiple file types across multiple programs. The ease of use has also translated into being able to train additional users to write simple reports without having to burden the IS department. IPeople Scout has helped our facilities leverage Meditech data in a quicker more user-friendly manner.”
-Drew Johnson, Formerly with Clearwater Valley Hospital

“IPeople Script allowed us to pull over the additional data we needed as well as continue all of our day to day tasks and special cases. We easily wrote a ton of scripts to map data into the new 6.0 fields saving us a lot of manual keying effort. The conversion was much easier with IPeople Script. We could go over to Magic, grab data and script it into 6.0.”
-Brandon Tolleson, Arkansas Children’s

“Phenomenal product! The IPeople Account Analysis Wizard (IAAW) is very intuitive and extremely easy to use. My work load has been reduced tremendously. Reports that used to take up to an hour now take 2 minutes! We also believe this product will significantly reduce the number of outsourced NPR reports.”
-Owen Huett, University of Texas Medical Branch

“In 2014, our management at Newman Regional Health made the decision to convert the rural hospital to a Critical Access Hospital (CAH), allowing us to receive cost-based reimbursements instead of standard fixed reimbursements. The move was intended to enhance our financial performance, as well as provide extra focus on providing care for common conditions and outpatient care. Errors were not an option in this transition, since we were in financial crisis mode to begin with at that time. Therefore, we turned to IPeople for help in developing a custom data interface with a management dashboard to connect to MEDITECH.”
-Beth Cole, Newman Regional Health

“With IPeople we now have the ability to launch from Meditech directly to our HIE vendor instead of users actually signing into Meditech which results in time savings. IPeople has been great to work with throughout the vendor process as well.”
-Maria De La Torre, Citrus Valley Medical Center
“IPeople has just been great to work with. So often you work with vendors and then when the doors close, you cannot communicate. With IPeople, the 24-hour support made it great for us if we had problems after hours. We really enjoyed working with your team.”
-Freda Oberholzer, T-System

“Yes we would recommend IPeople. Without it we would not be able to support data to our BI Tool software. The biggest issue we have at our facility is that we don’t have someone with SQL background supporting IPeople. This lack of knowledge makes it hard to understand the linkages between tables and how to build those links in order for downloads of data from Meditech to function properly and efficiently.”
-Julie Oliver, Brant Community Healthcare System

“The IPeople team has consistently demonstrated a very high standard when it comes to supporting your customers but in my opinion this deserves special mention. While we’ve been very happy with our experience dealing with your team, Drew in particular has been a fantastic resource as we continue to move forward with IPeople. He’s shown a great deal of patience as we slugged through the learning curve and has been extremely easy to work with. Thanks for providing a great service and having a great team back it.”
-David Rothbauer, Huron Perth Healthcare Alliance

“The implementation and training of IPeople products was minimal and guided us in a direction that saved time and allowed us to assign and track deficiencies electronically. Princeton Community Hospital now has the ability to reduce staffing time as well as increase chart turnaround times has help us reach and maintain our goals said Steve Curry.” “In addition, I have a great respect of IPeople… To say the least, I still recommend IPeople without reservation.”
-Steve Curry, Princeton Community Hospital

“After the completion of the HL7 ADT Outbound Interface that your team worked on I must say what an excellent experience we have had working with IPeople! “
-Maria Salinas, Physician Synergy Group
“I would like to extend a giant THANK YOU to you three for all of your help with Halifax this week & always. All of you have all been incredibly helpful with your quick responses and prompt resolutions to everything they’ve thrown our way lately. I appreciate all that you do!!! I can’t thank you enough!“
Charlotte Wray Nowakhta, Experian Health

“I wanted to thank each of you for always treating me and my ever changing team better than anyone would ever expect. (THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!) You guys have always gone above and beyond for our little hospital and I REALLY appreciate that. You guys are the best Vendor in the world to work with!!!“
-Timothy M. Rogers, Children’s Hospital of Richmond at VCU

“Thanks again for having such a great product…I have no idea how I would’ve gotten around this without IPeople Echo.“
-David Rothbauer, Huron Perth Healthcare Alliance/Alexandra Marine & General Hospital

“One of the main things IPeople gives us is fast data updates. We have data as soon as it gets entered into MEDITECH. Many times we have to change queries that use our MEDITECH DR database over to IPeople. This is because MEDITECH extracts do not update tables fast enough. Just a couple of minutes in lag time makes a big difference in a lot of situations. IPeople makes good products! Your support has been great to fix issues and help us solve problems. Keep up the good work!“
-Brandon Tolleson, Arkansas Children’s Hospital

“Drew was key in assisting us in completing the migration of the IPeople Echo data base to new hardware and SQL Server 2012. Although we know that IPeople is not responsible for our SQL Server installation, we appreciate the support and guidance to insure we have things set up correctly and in the most efficient way possible. We use Echo as our Revenue Cycle data repository/reporting solution. We pull all of our Meditech data into our IPeople Echo tables for reporting and to maintain a historical copy of our data which is eventually purged from Meditech. We also have views which tie together the data from our previous data repository and the IPeople data which we pay monthly maintenance on as well. We depend on IPeople to support these downloads, views and the data issues we encounter from time to time. I believe this has been a successful partnership and look forward to moving forward together.“
-Ted Lyons, Cape Regional Medical Center

“IPeople Echo was initially purchased for use at the Island Health Authority to provide detailed general ledger data that was not available in the MEDITECH DR at the time nor could it be generated with an NPR report since the amount of data was too large to run daily as required for the general ledger subject area build on the data warehouse. Since implementing Echo we have also found that it not only provides us with access to the MEDITECH general ledger detail data but it also gives us access to many other tables that were not available in the MEDITECH DR. These tables include dictionary and audit tables which have been very helpful in building other data warehouse subject areas as well as providing data for some relational reports and queries used for the business. I think the most valuable thing about IPeople Echo is the reliability of the data since the MEDITECH DR has historically had issues with missing and corrupting data that needed to be updated and cleaned up that usually involved MEDITECH support. However, with IPeople Echo we are in complete control of the data we download and can schedule the downloads as needed (usually once a night). We have found the IPeople Echo data much more reliable as a result.“
-Jay O’Donnell, Island Health (Vancouver Island Health Authority)

“I wanted to thank each of you for your dedication, long hours and expeditious responses on this project. I am extremely happy to report that we have made it through the weekend with only a single help desk ticket which was resolved with a simple reboot of Meditech. This accomplishment is a direct result of all the hard work and ingenuity of IPeople’s vendor integration team. I truly believe this is a solid product housed in a stable environment with fantastic support personnel, very knowledgeable trainers, dedicated project managers and exceptional senior leadership. Your contributions were vital to the successful launch of the eCareNext Passport product into the live environment.“
-Amy Bruce, Columbus Regional Health Midtown Medical Center

“Very exciting, IPeople Direct is going to be very well used … we have a lot of interventions that we have not been able to report on accurately in the past. Yay! These PCS queries are a bear, but are so absolutely necessary for our managers. Wow, wow, wow… This is incredible, immediate data return, holy cow!“
-Patricia Feller, Silverton Health

“I was very happy with IPeople’s support team and how they were on it when we experienced an unexpected registration downtime, they were fantastic. The process was smooth and once we were back on-line all patients that had visited during our downtime were scripted into our MEDITECH system.“
-Gina Goolsby, DCH Health Systems

“Good afternoon To The Great IPeople Team, Just wanted to give you all a shout out for all your help during the LaRabida Children’s Hospital and Quorum Holy Cross Hospital Go Lives! I really appreciate all your time and help in ensuring a successful go live for both of these clients. I know I spoke with all of you several times during UAT and Go Live and you were always willing to help and resolve any questions or items I had asap! Thank you all so much!”
-Kim Hannon, Experian Health

“Support with attitude and I mean that in a GOOD way. I just wanted to say that once again, I had another great experience with support at IPeople! Not all tech savvy people like to interact with people: they don’t always listen well nor do they impart enough information to empower the client to carry on. But that’s not my experience with your staff. Eager & enthusiastic to solve the problem as well as informative & personable to boot. explanations are freely given, and they never leave me hanging without a solution. I can’t tell you how valuable that is!”
-Sue Keller, Enloe Medical Center