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Have you heard? Iatric Systems was sold to Harris Healthcare.

Acquisitions often lead to uncertainty or doubt regarding the future of existing solutions and services. A change in ownership can have a significant impact on the existing customers as the focus can shift to offerings that are more in line with the parent company.

We want you to know that you do have options and we're offering you the ability to be proactive and consider protecting both your previous investments and the continuity of your business in your healthcare organization.

If you are looking to switch solutions, we are here to help by offering a 25% discounted license rate for moving to a comparable IPeople solution!

Make the Switch

IPeople's customer success team will also be at your call 24/7 to ensure your transition is sailing smoothly. This offer will be valid for qualified customers through 12/30/18. If you've been contemplating a move, or you're simply not that thrilled with your current vendor, contact IPeople.

*The terms of this advertisement are contingent on customers providing documentation of the license rates provided by Iatric Systems and customer must accept the terms of IPeople’s Master Software License and Support Agreement. Valid on select IPeople solutions. Cannot be combined with any other offers.

Expand collaboration, reduce costs, and improve patient outcomes with integrated data and applications solutions from IPeople

Our HCIS expertise takes us to the next level of building reliable and efficient bi-directional solutions that organizations can trust. For over a decade IPeople has earned a solid reputation for providing reliable integration solutions to the healthcare community that break down the barriers associated with proprietary technology. Through best practices and smarter, intuitive technology, we get to any data and ensure that your needs are covered within a single vendor solution.

Whether your organization is trying to meet federal requirements, migrating data to a new EHR or partnering health information exchange (HIE), or integrating multiple disparate EHR systems, IPeople delivers data to the right place at the right time.

IPeople Eases Acquisition Worries with Incentive Offering

IPeople Eases Acquisition Worries with Incentive Offering

Introducing “Make the Switch”. For a limited time, organizations looking to move to new solutions in replace of existing solutions can switch to IPeople with a 25% discount off of licensing fees.

Acquisitions occur and with every acquisition there is change that can often lead to uncertainty for the existing customers. Most recently, Iatric Systems announced that they were acquired by Harris Healthcare.

IPeople, a premiere healthcare integration provider, understands the concern that can result from such events and as a result, IPeople is offering the ability to switch to comparable IPeople solutions at a 25% discounted rate.

IPeople is poised and ready to fulfill any needs healthcare organizations may have, including interface work and report writing.

IPeople’s customer support team will be available 24/7 to address any concerns or questions.

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