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Accessing useful routine in Meditech CS Software  


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25/03/2019 6:38 pm is a very useful routine in Meditech's CS software that provides handy lookups for DPMs, Segments, Procedures, Menus, Macros, and even object-code "Letters" (such as AA for ADM.PAT).  Here are the steps for accessing this routine:

Step 1:

a) Set up an NPR Report with the report DPM NPR.PROC

b) The Report Title should be as follows: "_%(NPR)"

   Replace "report" with the name of your report.

c) Add MIS.APPL.DB.mnemonic as a Select Field with operator LI and a prompt, such as CONNECT TO THESE DATABASES

d) Add this Footnote: AL START s

e) File and translate your report

Step 2:

a) Set up a macro called t with the following code:


b) File and translate your macro

Step 3:

a) Set up a macro called s with the following code:"Y"^/(.S).AT.MT,



 DO{+MIS.APPL.DB.c.mnemonic[X]^X %Z.switch.appl(X#0.,"",{1,X,"C"})},

 %Z.debug("s 1"),

 DO{@.appl'="NPR" %Z.switch.appl("")}

b) File and translate your macro

c) Retranslate your report

When you run this report, you will first be prompted to select whichever databases you want to connect to.  This can come in handy for looking at the data.

After selecting your databases, you will be brought into the routine, which has lots of great "lookups".  After exiting that routine, you will be brought to the "debug" prompt.  You can enter G to view your "Globals".  Any of the databases you selected should be available for viewing.


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