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Meditech NPR (MAGIC) Macro Editor Keystrokes  


Brian Schmit
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25/03/2019 6:47 pm  

This is a list of the keystrokes available in Meditech's NPR (MAGIC) Macro editor. 
Some of the more useful ones are:

<Right Ctrl> { [ ( ` " " ' ) ] }
Ctrl><Left Arrow>  Find matching { [ ( ` " " ' ) ] }
<Ctrl><Right Arrow>            Find matching { [ ( ` " " ' ) ] }


Users can place their cursor on any of the characters listed above {, [, (, `, ", ', ), ], and } and the cursor will be brought to the closing/opening bracket, parentheses, etc.  This comes in very handy for navigating through a complex DO loop or IF statement.

<Shift><Right Ctrl>          Display current line window

The <Shift><Right Ctrl> function displays a pop-up window with the entire current line of code in a wrap-around window.

<F9>                         Data Element Lookup

The <F9> Data Element Lookup is very useful for finding information on Meditech's Data Definitions.  <F9> brings up a pop-up window that allows users to type a string in the following formats:


Each of the above formats can be followed by either /I, /i, /?, \I, \i, or \?, and an information screen will appear when a field is selected.  This comes in very handy for viewing Meditech Data Definitions.  D\ allows users to lookup DPMs, S\ allows users to lookup Segments, and X\ allows users to lookup an extended hierarchy of the DPM segments.


<F4> Get Program

The <F4> Get Program function brings up a pop-up window that allows users to lookup and select NPR Procedures to view their source code. Lookups are performed by either typing \ followed by a string and then pressing <F9> or by typing P followed by a blank space and then a string and pressing <F9>.

Example: \

The above example will bring the user into a macro editor with the source code for the procedure.

The <F4> Get Program function also allows users to look at object code. A lookup is not available for viewing object code. Users must know the full name of the Procedure they want to lookup.



Eric Nelson
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04/04/2019 3:05 pm  

Brian - Any idea where macro code is actually kept in Meditech Magic?  I would like to be able to download macro contents for later searching...


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