Three Ways to Improve Workflows with IPeople Assist  


Teiaundrea Ransom
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28/02/2019 3:50 pm  

Today, most hospitals across the world have found a solution to their paper problems – automated workflows. The same administrative hassles that other industries face can be solved with process management tools to automate hospital workflows and make operations run smooth.Even if your organization does have processes in place, learning how to streamline processes and improve workflow efficiency is important. Many companies have documented processes in place, but they are often scattered, open to interpretation, difficult to monitor, inefficient or outdated. IPeople Assist can be integrated with any HCIS to enhance your workflow. Here are three ways to improve your workflows with Assist:

Standardize Data Entry

Automatically notify users of new fields or CDS screens that are available, new policies in place for the registration process, or other useful information in order to improve communication across the departments.

URL Launch

Easy URL Launch capabilities from the HCIS or 3rd party system, providing harmonious integration between multiple systems .

Spell Check

Ensure documentation is spelled correctly and grammatically correct.


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