Break down barriers to accessing your data! What could you accomplish if you were provided with a single point of entry for all of your separate data systems? IPeople provides bi-directional connectivity to all of your systems, minimizing waste and frustration.


IPeople Direct
IPeople Direct is an industry leader when it comes to accessing your data. Access information real-time and in the way you want to see it. IPeople Direct delivers a single point of connectivity through ODBC, OLE DB, or ADO.NET for quick and simple, real-time reporting.
  • Directly access data across multiple systems such as Epic, MEDITECH, and your data repository through common technologies
  • Power dashboards, applications, reports and portals with real-time data
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IPeople Echo
Create a customized data repository with IPeople Echo, a web-based data download manager and repository builder inspired and evolved over the years by the needs of our users.
  • Fill in your data repository gaps
  • Archive and manage your own data extractions
  • Audit to ensure 100% confidence in your data
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IPeople Scout
Bridge the gap between you and your data with IPeople Scout! IPeople Scout offers a wide range of tools that make it easier than ever to find and report against your data.
  • Explore your tables and fields in new ways and visualize relationships
  • Compare systems to easily understand where data resides in one versus another
  • Preview data and rest assure knowing your data is secure
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IPeople Script
Free time by automating processes and data entry through IPeople Script. IPeople Script provides automation for multiple systems, offers direct access to your HCIS database and other data sources and supports running multiple simultaneously for supported platforms.
  • Automate data entry and work-flow
  • Simplified script creation with our intuitive and smarter scripting approach
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IPeople Select DR

Don't have time to build your own data repository? Take advantage of pre-packaged data repository downloads that will set you on the right path.

  • Pre-packaged extractions from your HCIS system to Microsoft SQL Server, designed to fit unique needs, big or small
  • We know the data so rest assure that you will have what you need and when you need it
  • Historical data is available at all times...even once purged from your main system
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