Direct, real-time access to your HCIS systems

Access to your HCIS data is limited to what is available through the included report writing solutions or data repository. IPeople Direct provides direct, real-time access to your systems for use with any ODBC, OLE DB or ADO.NET tools. Access your data using more universally known applications, such as Microsoft Excel or Crystal Reports, for simplified querying, report writing, and extraction processes.

Not only do you have unobstructed access to your data, but you also get the premier data exploration solution, IPeople Scout. Explore your data to identify table relationships, intelligent joins across tables and systems, and visualize database crosswalks.

The Challenges

  • You need data from multiple systems in one location
  • Accessing your HCIS data typically requires report writing expertise or interfaces
  • I want to build a custom solution with my data
  • Managing security and permissions using different tools is cumbersome

How We Can Help

  • Access data across multiple systems through one solution
  • Access HCIS data real-time using widely known industry standard solutions
  • Power dashboards, applications, reports, and other 3rd party solutions with direct access to your HCIS systems
  • Audit and define permissions for all connected systems

How You Will Succeed

  • The efficiency boost created provides an immediate ROI of time savings and increased
  • No need for costly interfaces for access to your data
  • Reduce frustrations by having access to your data using tools that you already know

Feature Comparison

IPeople Direct
Other Solutions
Support for ODBC     
Support for OLE DB
Support for ADO.NET
Connection Manager supporting all MEDITECH platforms, Epic, other HCIS systems, and data repositories
Comparison feature for finding common fields across systems (Ex: MEDITECH versus the DR)
System to column level permissions
System to column level audits
System to column level documentation
Smart joins
Column aliasing