When your HCIS system is down, IPeople Offline is up

System downtime is unavoidable, whether scheduled or unscheduled.  When your system is down, staff productivity and work-flow are hampered and patient safety is compromised.  Easy access to key clinical information allows staff to focus on the task at hand… providing excellent patient care.

The Challenges

  • Patient safety can be compromised without access to patient info
  • Paper based solutions are not secure
  • Various learning curves for downtime strategies interrupt workflow and are time consuming
  • Opportunity for creating duplicate Medical Record Numbers increases
  • Lack of visibility into where patients are located compromises patient safety

How We Can Help

  • Keep patients safe with web-based views of patient data
  • Maintain HCIS and network security and auditing
  • Intuitive views and workflow
  • Robust patient search capabilities to identify existing patients
  • Track and maintain patient locations

How You Will Succeed

  • Visibility into patient data provides a sense of confidence for employees and patients alike in making crucial patient care decisions
  • Reduced manual processes when the HCIS is back online equates to lower overhead, streamlined workflow, and reduced margins of error
  • Minimize the exposure to patients of traditional downtime chaos

Solutions to Fit Your Business Needs

IPeople Offline Views

An intuitive, web-based solution that provides access to your HCIS data during downtimes. Organizations are provided a solution for both HCIS and Network down scenarios.

IPeople Downtime Registration

Safely admit, discharge and transfer patients while maintaining the integrity of the registration process. Loading patient registration data is streamlined by eliminating the labor intensive task of manual data entry once the HCIS system is back online.  

Batch Print

Having the data available to you from your legacy system is important, but being able to quickly create, save or print a patient’s entire legal medical record is critical! The Batch Print add-on for Offline Views allows users to quickly generate patient’s legal health records in report format. This information can be used to transfer patients from one hospital to another, satisfies Release of Information requests, and more.

Network Down

IPeople’s Network Down solution adds a layer of redundancy, so that downtime views are replicated to standalone PC’s giving your staff access to critical patient information when your network is otherwise unattainable. Knowing you have a strategic plan in place will give your organization peace of mind and continuation of patient care.

Where Downtime and Migration Merge

With IPeople’s Offline solutions all of your patient’s clinical history remains at your fingertips and available for patient care decisions, even when migrating to a new HCIS system. By merging Data Migration and IPeople Offline views, a complete patient history is always accessible; thus offering your care providers a full view into the past care of your patients.