Automate data entry through scripting you can trust

Free time by automating processes and data entry through IPeople Script. Both technical and non-technical users will benefit from IPeople Script’s intuitive approach and flexible script-building features providing stability against timing concerns, auto-recovery, and alert notifications. IPeople Script provides automation for multiple systems, offers direct access to your HCIS database and other data sources, and supports running multiple scripts simultaneously for supported platforms.

The Challenges

  • You have many systems and need to integrate the data
  • Your scripting solution doesn't play well with your HCIS system
  • Manual data entry can be costly and inconsistent
  • Your current inbound solutions consist of many interfaces with high maintenance costs

How We Can Help

  • Automate data entry keeping multiple systems in sync
  • Enjoy a built for MEDITECH script solution
  • Reduce timing issues and errors with our intuitive and smarter scripting approach
  • Minimize upgrade issues by not having to rewrite your scripts

How You Will Succeed

  • Automate processes to free up resources, saving both time and money
  • Enjoy a worry free day knowing your scripts are reliable with intelligent auto-recovery and alert-notification
IPeople Script 6.3 Features
  • Script Director for managing all scripts
  • Object oriented logic reducing timing concerns and the need for additional logic
  • Script Wizard for defining logic for field and window objects
  • Script Maker for defining on got focus and on lost focus logic
  • Mapping features for easy mapping of values, fields, and windows
  • Search features
  • Global routines for centralized script logic
  • Auto-recovery and alert-notification features
  • Scheduler for script automation
  • Ability to perform direct and real-time queries against your HCIS system in support of your scripts
  • Recorder for fast script creation
  • Built-in logging and reporting
  • Scheduler monitoring to view scheduled scripts from any location