IPeople partners with 3rd party vendors for interoperability

Working with a proprietary system can prove costly and time intensive without the proper expertise and guidance. With our team of integration experts at your side, development of your integration projects will be with the highest quality in the industry, on time, and within budget

The Challenges

  • Custom feeds that meet the vendors’ specification are typically required by 3rd party systems 
  • Vendor may not have the skill set to query data from or get data into the HCIS system
  •  Sharing data between the HCIS system and 3rd party systems can result in excessive manual input 
  • Working with a proprietary system can prove costly and time intensive without the proper skills and guidance

How We Can Help

  • We work with hundreds of 3rd party vendors to provide data sharing, communication and enhanced workflow 
  • Our HCIS expertise takes us to the next level of building reliable and efficient bi-directional interfaces 
  • Automated connections between the HCIS system and 3rd party system eliminates manual input saving time

How You Will Succeed

  • IPeople provides integration solutions in a timely manner and within budget ensuring that organizations meet their needs while saving money
  • Help reduce user frustrations by eliminating unnecessary extra steps through intelligent workflow automation
  • With alert notifications, monitoring, and best practices in place, rest easy knowing that you can trust your integration solutions

Solutions to Fit Your Business Needs

Bi-directional Integration

Our dependable bi-directional interfaces interact with the HCIS system and transmit data to and from the HCIS system based on specified formats, including HL7, XML, JSON, proprietary formats, and other industry protocols such as FHIR.


Launch 3rd Party Systems

IPeople provides 3rd party system launch capabilities from the HCIS or 3rd party system, providing a harmonious integration between multiple systems.


In Process Integration

Take integration between your system and the HCIS system to a new level with powerful in-process automation. This type of integration allows users to continue working within the HCIS system and interact with the 3rd party system for a logical workflow.


Data Extractions

When integration to Microsoft SQL Server is needed, IPeople offers pre-packaged data extractions that will ensure that you have the data you need at your fingertips.


We understand that a standard interface may not be what is needed to integrate with the HCIS system. IPeople offers enhanced integration flexibility through robust APIs.

  • APIs for querying the HCIS data directly and on a real-time basis
  • APIs for uploading data into the HCIS system via scripting
  • RESTful APIs via FHIR

Vendor Partnerships

Our networking with vendors to help deliver quality integration continues to grow and we are proud to provide you more detail of what we have accomplished collaboratively. Below is a listing of some of the key 3rd party solution vendors that IPeople has partnered with over the years.