Workflow and process automation for your HCIS system

IPeople's powerful integration provides enhanced workflow and process automation for your HCIS system. The powerful, interactive solution is the launch point for limitless workflow improvements. The robust automation capabilities of our integration permit you to easily build best practices into the HCIS system, ensure data integrity, eliminate redundancy, reduce costs, save time and enhance employee performance

The Challenges

  • Accessing patient information from multiple systems can result in excessive and inefficient manual entry
  • User error results in inaccurate information being captured which can have negative results down the road
  • Unnecessary manual steps needed to access different types of patient information can result in time lost for users
  • How We Can Help

    • Custom workflow automation provides data sharing and improved communication when working within multiple systems
    • Enhanced interaction with users can correct information up front avoiding potential issues down the road
    • Enhanced workflow between HCIS systems and 3rd party systems eliminates manual input saving time
    • How You Will Succeed

      • Workflow automation solutions are delivered in a timely manner and within budget ensuring that you meet your goals while saving money
      • Capturing accurate information up front helps save time down the road and can result in tremendous savings
      • Reduce frustrations by eliminating unnecessary extra steps while working within multiple solutions

Solutions to Fit Your Workflow Needs

Launch 3rd Party Systems

IPeople provides 3rd party system launch capabilities from the HCIS or 3rd party system, providing a harmonious integration between multiple systems.

In-Process Integration

Take integration between your system and the HCIS system to a new level with powerful in-process automation. This type of integration allows users to continue working within the HCIS system and interact with the 3rd party system for a logical workflow.